Electrical Designs Center Courses
1- Protection and control devices.
2- Distribution Boards.
3- Busbar Trunking Systems.
4- Automatic Transfer Switch
5- Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Circuit Breakers

The circuit-breakers can be used in four main application areas

BusDuct Catalogues

Eaton’s Cutler-Hammerா Pow-R-Way III is a 600 volt, totally enclosed

DIN Rail Component

for line and cable protection in residential building installations

Our Courses

We have five interesting courses in Low Voltage Switchgear

    Electrical Designs Center (EDC) Sole Agent of Moeller from 1978 till 2000
    Main distributor from 2000 till now

    Electrical Designs Center (EDC) has gained a very great experience as the sole agent of the German company MOELLER.
    Electrical Designs Center (EDC) introduced Moeller Company to the Egyptian market since 1978.
    This high experience was in the field of Low Voltage Switchgear; distribution, control, protection, motor starting.
    Moeller Company reached the top in this field because of its high quality products and caring of customers in all over the world.
    Moeller Company has 300 branches in more than 90 countries.

    Electrical Designs Center (EDC) in co-operation with Moeller Company has studied, designed and carried out many industrial, commercial, and residential projects in the field of Low Voltage Switchgear.

    These projects were carried out in an integrated way that ensures safety of operation in a very sever circumstance and using the up to date technology.

    Electrical Designs Center (EDC)
    established many integrated projects in all over Egypt; from El-Arish in the north to Aswan in the south; from Alexandria in the west to Sinai
    in the east and in all delta.

    Electrical Designs Center (EDC) is one of the very few centers out side Germany that designs all types of  distribution boards and busduct systems.

    Electrical Designs Center (EDC) carries out all applications of low voltage switchgear locally at the quality level as Moeller Germany.

    Training courses is one of the main activities of Electrical Designs Center (EDC).
    Training courses are in the following fields:
    Protection and control devices.
    Distribution boards.
    Busduct systems (Busways)
    Automatic Mains Transfer Switch.(ATS)
    Programmable Logic Controllers.(PLC)